Visual Paranormal Investigations

The Visual Paranormal Investigations team spends a night at McGarrah's Stagecoach Inn in Monroe. New York. The Inn was built by John McGarragh between 1790 and 1810 was a stagecoach stop used by passengers traveling from New York City to Albany, New York. John McGarrah was a Free and Accepted Mason and on October 23, 1817 making McGarrah's the oldest active Lodge in the state of New York.
In 1840, John Goff purchased the Inn. The Goff Tavern continued to run successfully until John Goff's death on February 13, 1881. Frederick G. Hulse was the next to own the building and his wife Ruth opened a private sanitarium for the mentally impaired on the third floor of the building. Fredrick G. Hulse Jr. was the final owner of the residence and died in April of 1973.
The visual paranormal team investigates reports of shadow figures seen on the staircase and in the basement of the Inn. The team captures evidence of hauntings through e.v.p. recordings and experiences unexplainable reactions through both their spirit box and Ovilus sessions. The reaction of the Ovilus is perhaps the most startling when it begins to speak in full sentences which is something it is not capable of doing. A very clear "Class A" E.V.P. is captured in the stair case saying "This building is his home". This video contains language that may be offensive for some viewers. The Visual Paranormal team consists of Tina Fleming, Nick Wold, Stephanie Wold, Mary Jo Galante, Amanda Flynn, Lisa Anhalt and Steve Galante. This investigation features guest crew members Angela Richter and Alex Barber. Produced by Steve Galante


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