Underwater Videos

Okay, so here it is: my first shots with the brand new RED Epic.
All shots were heavily overexposed due to a misconfiguration I did on the camera... still have got to get to know him so much better.
But it is simply amazing how much correction and grading you can do in post on the R3D-CODE RAW!
This footage was shot at 4K, 24fps, 1/48s.
I used the Canon 8-15 FE, set at 15mm.
It was shot ambient at 65-71 feet.
I brought down the resolution from 4K to HD 1080p.

The Shark himself was so "kind" and not too shy.
His shadow-feeding friend the little Jack was simply gorgeous!
It looked like he was constantly showing his big brother the way....

j vimeo.com/50493819

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