99% OCCUPY the World Speaks

I went to Occupy Wall Street one day and interviewed some people on my telephone to find out what they had to say about the protest. I generally wanted to get a glimpse of the culture that evolved around the protest. I found it wonderful that people established a micro-city in the middle of Wall Street- fully equipped with computers, workshops, a library, free food and so on. Although the protesters don't have a common goal nor do they have leadership structure, they still come there every day because they want to be heard.

My main motive for making this documentary is to inspire people in Macedonia. There are many issues in that country- political, social, interethnic and more- unfortunately there is very little or no dialog at all. I hope this video will inspire people to come together and talk...get to know each other, push the barriers of age, occupation, social status, ethnicity. Protesters in the documentary communicate with each other and that is the main difference between making impact and just protesting because you feel like protesting. This is in fact a culture and culture is acquired, learned and nurtured. One aspect of this culture is accepting that there always will be people who think differently from you and that is not a reason to ignore each other.

j vimeo.com/31124665

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