Wonderful World

There's a universe of harmony and energy, symbolized by a tree, "rooted in peace".
The chicks know it but they still don't know the word "peace", Mum Least Flycatcher teaches them.
Never give up, it is never too late: "take one step back and say there's a better way".

"Don't want to be afraid
Hard not to hesitate
But we can't wait
To be the change

It's not too late
Free from hate
Think of the future that we could create
Face the facts today
There's a better way
Take one step back and say
There's a better way

Like a tree
Rooted in peace
In peace, in peace"

In peace !

"In Peace (reprise)" by Lasswell (feat. Snowflake)
is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

j vimeo.com/77425744

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