3D Animation

This is the trailer for a short film series for the Arkansas Razorbacks Football Team. From conception to completion we travelled to Arkansas six times for games, interviews, scenics and more. We wanted to take the idea of a college football team film to the next level through storytelling, camera and editing techniques. Personally I tried to bring the excitement of an action sport film to the world of football. Given my long history of producing snowboard films I wanted to bring a level of production to the team that has not been seen before.

To see more go to arkansasrazorbacks.com

We shot the films with a series of different cameras platforms including a Phantom Flex, Red Epic and Canon/Nikon DSLRs. Time lapses for shot with Dynamic perceptions dollies and the Emotimo moco head.

Subject: University of Arkansas Razorbacks Football
Production company: Tytan
Client: University of Arkansas Razorbacks Football/BMG
Director/DP: Brad Kremer
Producer/AD: Jim Stone
Executive Producer: Andy Wagner
Producer: Steve Kennedy
Producer: Scott Jacobs
Cameras: Brad Kremer, Jim Stone, Roxy, Neil Goss, Dustin Farrell
Phantom Flex Operator: Brad Kremer
Editor: Josh Jasso
Graphics: Aaron Legere. Mark Nguyen

j vimeo.com/55116337

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