3D Animation

A showreel of my work so far on the MA Digital Effects course at Bournemouth University.
Software used: Nuke, Houdini, PF Track, Photoshop, Premiere and GIMP.

"CalamaTea" - Individual Techniques Project
Contribution: All Work
Key Skills Learnt: Grain matching in Nuke 6.3. Rigid Body Dynamics and Flip Fluids in Houdini 12.1 and Camera tracking in PF Track 2012.

"Oilscape" - Group Project
Contribution: Pump Jack modelling and rigging. Compositing shots 3 and 5.
Key Skills Learnt: Camera projection, Paint and Roto and 3D Compositing in Nuke 6.3. Modelling and Rigging in Houdini 12.1.

"Aquascape" - Individual Dry-to-Wet Project
Contribution: All Work
Key Skills Learnt: Colour grading, CG integration and compositing in Nuke 6.3. Modelling, Mantra rendering and camera matching in Houdini 12.1.

Music: "I'm Here, Where Are You?"
Available from: newgrounds.com/audio/listen/105918

j vimeo.com/66809933

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