3D Animation


A Paper House

Main idea : about immigration the best objects in our country (Egypt) to the west
Story in brief : The events of the story spot on one of paper houses in island that we can see it makes a lot of noisy, because of this noisy one of bricks of paper house try to escape from this house .The paper attempt to escape more than one but its cant. the paper find the best way is to transform to paper plan to can escape from this house ,the paper plan fly in air to catch the first boat can see it in the island to escape from this place, we can see other paper try to do the same thing ,some can success and catch the boat, others sinks in the water.

Techniques: Origami, 3d studio max ,v ray render

The Crew

Design and animation by: Ahmed Hassan
Edit by: Marouan Omara , Mahmoud El Fekki
Supervised by: Dr.Abd EL Aziz El Gend - Dr.Rehab

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