Tis the season...of the Witch!

On the Tenth Day of the Tenth Month of the Tenth Year of our new century, Dream Boat, gathered at the Orange Twin Village to celebrate Nuci's Space Tenth Anniversary. Dream Boat masqueraded as a troupe of gypsy witches in order to remake the 1966 psychedelic classic "Season of the Witch". They also played a few songs of their own in the this psychedelic season cycle.

True to the spirit of Athens georgia, Nuci's Space has been helping musicians and the mental health cause for Ten Years and it is time every place had a Nuci's Space. Eikon And Groop have worked together with Dream Boat to make this Halloween treat for you. please watch this and pass it on. Remember to donate to Nucis Space to make sure they are able to to provide for the amazing musicians and community they serve for another outstanding 10 years.



Vinyl out soon on Harvest Records - harvest-records.com/


j vimeo.com/16324021

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