2010 All America Laughter Yoga Conference

Laughter Coaching is the practice of working with individuals one on one and in small groups to introduce and re-establish the energy of laughter in their lives. In this session, we will be looking at new practices and niches in this new branch of life coaching. The participants will get a first-hand experience in coaching someone and being coached allowing Laughter Yoga Leaders/Teachers the opportunity to widen the scope of their experience as they gain awareness and experience working with laughter more deeply on the individual level.

Learn more about the current and potential applications of this newly developing field as well as its ability to open the field to new Laughter Yoga field to new niche markets
Discover exercises which are transferable to your current work with laughter.
Deepen your understanding of how laughter yoga and the personal development field are being interwoven and expanding the overall message of the movement.

As The Levity Coach, Katie West is a levity and laughter coach, a speaker, author and creator of The Levity Project. Her mission is to bring a greater awareness to the valuable role levity and lightheartedness play in our individual and collective lives. Katie West works with individuals, small groups, and organizations to bring a practice of laughter and levity into their personal and professional lives. Her organization, The Levity Institute runs the first Certified Laughter Coach Training Program in the country, as well as running The Levity Project, a social movement creating change through play, laughter, and celebration.


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