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Dr. J. Robert Faux is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in surgery of the foot and ankle. This includes hammer toe surgeries. If you are questioning whether or not to pursue surgery for your hammer toes, this video will educate you on the pros and cons of the surgery as well as when it is absolutely necessary.

For more information on hammer toes and surgical procedures as well as other foot conditions, visit:

About FootScientific

FootScientific was created by two practicing physicians and a physical therapist to give their patients the most well informed and comprehensive foot and ankle information available on the web. As opposed to isolating their practices and expertise, Dr. J. Robert Faux: Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Greg S. Anderson: Podiatrist, and Greg R. Thorpe: Physical Therapist fully integrate their expertise under one website - FOOT SCIENTIFIC. These three field leaders combine over 50 years of experience to help avoid the guess work on best methods, products, and services available for the foot and ankle.

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Address: 165 West Canyon Crest Road, Alpine, UT 84004
Phone: (801) 642-2084
Email: store@footscientific.com
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