tony's ANAMORPHIC lens film club..

shot on panavision anamorphics by master cinematographer Eduardo Serra on lovely looking analogue film.
why does fuji and kodak film have to die when this look destroys red and alexa : (

directed by Patrice Leconte.
starring Jean Rochefort and the stunning Anna Galiena.
this is a little low budget gem full of love and humanity and loss.
a little piece of cinemascopic perfection.
a great french movie even though the dp is spanish the director is swiss and the music arabic pop with other music by englishman michael nyman.

2013 should be the year of love and peace.
we do not need anymore cia and mi6 fake oil and drugs wars.
lets have the free release of tesla and plasma power.
and lets dance like the wonderful french actor Jean Rochefort.


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