This video shows some of the Flare Factory 58's which are currently being built! Some really fun combinations being selected by all you flare slags. Some of these combinations are likely to put you 'up Schidt creek' during shoots on sunny days!

Each clip was shot with the same camera settings. Wb locked to 3200k to suit the flashlight (Maglite 2x AA, normal filament bulb). Some of the smaller aperture configs such as the 2x Oval fixed f4 and f5.6 apertures had the ISO boosted a bit to maintain similar exposure across each clip. Nothing else was changed. Shot flat on Nex5N, Portrait profile -3contrast -1Saturation -3Sharpening. The clips were nested together, then a slight grade was applied to bring the skin tone more natural - nothing drastic. And being nested means each clip saw exactly the same grade. Finally a tiny bit of contrast was brought back in post with ProcAmp. Each clip saw exactly the same workflow.

* Some clips look like some light leak type effects have been applied. -This is not the case. The amber/orange flare tint in particular has this effect on some of the flares. No overlays or flare plugins have been applied what so ever. All artifacts (minus the horizontal flares on the 2.35:1 anamorphic samples- which were shot with a Flare Factory 58 + Century 1.33x anamorphic lens on the front) everything else comes from the Flare Factory 58.

* Notice how some of the clips show how well certain configurations work at integrating the Flare Factory 58 with the Century 1.33x anamorphic. The pair really look like a match made in heaven.

Soundtrack? Melting_Bloke - The Theme / Exodus (Godfrey's Lads)


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