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Video piece number 46. Made for the Vimeo Weekend Project "Shooting an Interview" in 2013 instead of doing the housework in Inverness. For non commercial purposes only.

This script for this short film was written 9 months ago as a follow up to Sarah and I's Farewell Happy Fields - vimeo.com/47648247 - but due to circumstance, was never filmed until now. The idea came from my desire to write a love story with some kind of strange quirk. I like that the film follows an established logic that makes absolutely no sense in reality whatsoever. It was shot over a 4 hours in our flat in Inverness on 19th May 2013. I filmed all my solo scenes in the afternoon while Sarah was at work then we filmed everything else in the evening. All my scenes were reversed and subtitled and the shots where we both are in frame were cropped and my half reversed. Simple as that. I shot it using a Panasonic AGAC160 and edited it in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.

Kubrick references: There's a copy of The Stanley Kubrick Archives in the shot where Allan and Sarah watch TV and the character Allan Quilty is named after Clare Quilty (Peter Sellers' character in Lolita.)

j vimeo.com/66559509

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