Nick Campbell's Group

We are creative Studio based in Derby, UK. We Specialize in Animation, Illustration, Film and Sound Production.
For the latest news please visit our website , Like us on Facebook: , or follow us on Twitter:
00:07:05 – ‘Are You Ready’ (Illustration, Animation, Sound design)
00:12:09 – ‘Digital Signs’ (Illustration, Animation)
00:14:01 – ‘Design against fur’ (Illustration, Animation, Sound design)
00:15:09 – ‘Hand Made’ (Film, Lighting, Editing)
00:17:19 – ‘Picturing Time’ (Illustration, Animation, Sound design)
00:19:13 – ‘Marketing Derby’ (Film, Animation, Compositing, Sound production)
00:26:16 – ‘YCN Nissan Leaf Ad’ (Design, 3D graphics, Animation)
00:30:07 – ‘Are You Ready’ (Illustration, Animation, Sound design)
00:32:00 – ‘Black hole project’ (Illustration, Animation)
00:35:04 – ‘Apophis’ (Design, 3D graphics, Compositing, Animation)
00:39:02 – ‘Digital Signs’ (Illustration, Animation)
00:42:16 – ‘Through Camera Lens’ (3d Animation, Sound design)
00:43:10 – ‘Night Club Opening Intro’ (Design, 3D graphics, Compositing)
00:44:11 – ‘Digital Signs’ (Illustration, Animation)
00:46:18 – Apophis’ (Design, 3D graphics, Compositing, Animation)
00:48:06 – ‘Forms and Shapes’ (Illustration, Animation)


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