VFX and Motion Graphics

Part of a series of three, the conception of these television spots stems from nature, prosperity, fluidity and simplicity. An organic and natural mood combined with bright, warm tones and positive hues creates an uplifting feeling.

The second in the series, this spot speaks to the various safety measures that would be implemented during the construction of the pipeline to protect the environment around it. Given the sensitive nature of this topic, it was important to create a look and feel that was organic and not overly glossy. To create a truly organic look we crafted our own analog textures, which we photographed and then applied to our digital work. For example, we hand painted textures for the tugboat, tanker and seagull using watercolours then modeled the textures onto 3D forms of the objects. This approach creates an authentic look and feel that is truly organic. 


Agency: kbs+p
Client: Enbridge
Audio: Eric Harry Music

j vimeo.com/57005156

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