VFX and Motion Graphics

Online trailer for Ben Jonson's The Alchemist
The Belgrade Theatre Coventry and Riding Lights Theatre Company Present The Alchemist.
Sat 1st - Sat 22nd February 2014.

While the master of the house is out of town to escape the plague, his house-keeper sets up with ‘a cheater and his punk’ as the city’s premier conman.

A full range of alternative services are offered to the citizens who beat a furtive path to their door – anything from the secret of eternal youth, to that recipe of recipes which will turn a tin can into bankable gold.

Masters of the ludicrous disguise, the team of con-artists find their multiple deceptions spiralling out of control, until they receive some alarming news…

Jonson’s brilliant satire burns away the dross, exposing a society whose obsessions make it vulnerable to any well-worked scam. This explosive production of The Alchemist from Riding Lights, especially revived for Coventry, is fast, furious, feisty and very, very funny.

For more information or to book tickets visit belgrade.co.uk/event/the-alchemist

Artwork created by Dragonfly Design.
Motion graphics animation created by Mindriot Productions.
Music License : Premiumbeat.com.
Geeky animation info : Created in After Effects CS5 and Illustrator CS5.
Third party plugins used: Video Copilot's Action Essentials 2. AE Script's Ease and Wizz and Malty: Simple Camera Rig. Red Giant Software's Planespace / Planar Assistant, Magic Bullet Looks.

I've included images of my storyboard and screen shots below, to see how the video was created from artwork to final video.

j vimeo.com/82141299

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