Young Adults In Recovery

~ Vision ~
Alcohol Justice envisions healthy communities free of the alcohol industry’s negative impact. 

~ Mission ~
Alcohol Justice, the industry watchdog, promotes evidence-based public health policies and organizes campaigns with diverse communities and youth against the alcohol industry’s harmful practices.

~ Position Statement ~
Alcohol Justice is the only national advocacy, research, media and policy organization that directly challenges the political influence and marketing might of global alcohol corporations.
• No other entity has a laser focus on the incursion of alcohol into every aspect of our communities, lives and media.
• No other entity exposes the excessive power and lack of ethical, corporate responsibility of the two, global duopolistic beer companies and the concentrated wine and spirits corporations.
• We base our work on two core beliefs: first that the health, social, individual and community harm of alcohol use is a preventable public health disaster and secondly that people can advocate for themselves.
• We are non-partisan advocates, who recommend policy actions and build broad coalitions of diverse communities, youth, people of color, the faith community, responsible corporations and public health leaders.
• We use digital media and earned media nationally to mobilize advocates and generate youth leadership, to counter the viral and media marketing power of the industry.
• No other organizations both publish evidence-based research and assertively speak truth to power in local communities, at state capitals, in Washington, D.C. and in international forums.
• We do not oppose responsible alcohol use, but vigorously oppose the greedy, corporate promotion of alcohol to youth and any assumptions that we must suffer any individual and community harm.  Alcohol is the most used and most harmful drug in America, rapidly surpassing tobacco in harm.
• We believe the industry should be fully charged for the harm of alcohol, through appropriate taxes and fees, and the revenues should be used to pay for prevention, treatment, health care and enforcement.


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