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Udo Kier and Patricia Adriani in "Narcissus and Psyche" (Nárcisz és Psyché), directed by Gabor Body. Hungary, 1980.

NARCISSUS AND PSYCHE (Nárcisz és Psyché) is an epic, psychedelic masterpiece created by Hungarian film-making auteur Gabor Body and based on Sándor Weöres's poetic work Psyché. Little known because when Body died in mysterious circumstances in 1985 his profile dipped and his work seemingly disappeared from view, certainly for those whose language skills do not include a mastery of Hungarian. A terrible shame because this film is best imagined as War and Peace directed by Fellini or possibly Has and is, in fact, quite as good as that sounds.
The film exists in three versions; the original two part version, a sadly truncated version that was created for export and, finally, a huge (over four hour) extended version - which presumably came closest to Body's vision - designed to be broadcast in three parts on Hungarian national television and which has never been officially subtitled for the English speaking world and thus remains lost to all but the most obsessive of film fans. (Now the English subtitled version exists).

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Gábor Bódy (30 August 1946 -- 25 October 1985) was a Hungarian film director, screenwriter, theoretic, and occasional actor. A pioneer of experimental filmmaking and film language, Bódy is one of the most important figures of Hungarian cinema as well as most outstanding and unusual personalities from the European cinema of the 70s and 80s -- multi-sided, fascinating and dazzling. He belongs to the group of radical and most daring innovators of our time.
Among his works are "American Postcard" (aka American Torso), 1973; Hamlet (A fegyveres filozófus) / Hamlet (The Armed Philosopher), TV movie, 1981-82; "The Dog Night Song" (aka Kutya éji dala),1983.

In the 80s, a widespread interest for BÓDY Gábor's work arose, following the repercussions around his second feature film "Narcissus and Psyche" (1980) which spread particularly in the movement of independent and avant-garde cinema. But also through his many other activities, his lectures, video works, installations and tours BÓDY Gábor became a universal source of inspiration and ideas among filmmakers and film lovers.

To the question of what he was dreaming, BÓDY Gábor replied: "I am the dream of my life."

The video is available on YT in 1080HD (set 1080 right below):youtube.com/watch?v=wRT_926Of5w

j vimeo.com/34062080

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