Thought Experiments.


We start to become immune to the frequent broadcast of the after effects of terrorists bomb blasts. Its just another story, we are even informed the censored images may be disturbing. How would our attitude our emotions alter if we could see the images the roller coaster of emotions prior to the bomb blast. Like 9/11 we become emotionally static, from the frequency of news footage, yet we alter our emotional stance on seeing (man falling) a story reflecting a different perspective.

The sequence of images in this short film take you through the roller-coaster ride as clarity slowly disintegrates into the fragments of our physical,the anchorage of reality ceases to exist. The scattering of doves are representational of the explosion (no need for guts and glory pornography, audiences are more intelligent than some may think).

The soundscape was compiled by Zander Echofield, encompassing ambient sounds as well as a looped recording of 8 bars from the Slavyanka men's chorus "Otche Nash"( Our Father):

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