Created by Arthur Stammet in October 2013.
Soundtrack composed by Arthur Stammet in 1987 and remixed in 2013.

This fractal animation has been rendered in Mandelbulb 3D, a freeware 3D fractal generator programmed by the fractalforums.com user Jesse. It is a long flight through a delicately morphing complex fractal world. This hybrid fractal combines a Menger Cube with a Mandelbulb and its exploration shows its infinitely big and small complexity, flying through this world and "Menger-Windows", allowing to explore miniaturized versions of this same world. Morphing in order to close or open entries for the bulbs, created or destroyed by morphings, this world isn't at all stable and just exists for the programmer's virtual software camera, following paths, which have been imagined by their creator.

This footage, which has been used in two more complex films ("Karl Menger meeting Gustave Eiffel in a Time Machine": youtu.be/iyN2OG6VT6Y and "Organized Chaos" : youtu.be/Xg0lBeuNChE), shows in this version the entire, uninterrupted voyage, slightly tweaked with rays and sparkles in the reflection-bulbs-sequence.

The soundtrack is a long improvisation on an analogue Korg-Synthesizer, mounted onto a rhythmical or atmospheric background. This tape music study, recorded in 1987, has been remixed for the purposes of this movie in Premiere CS5.

j vimeo.com/90066017

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