an excerpt from an hour and 20 minute video made by anthony mawson as an element in the light and video installation made as a vehicle for the performance "8 variations on a diagonal _ knit 1 purl 1" by Ursula Mawson-Raffalt.

portraits were made of the performers in black and white and these were "moved" from profile to full face or the inverse on a bed made of transparent layers of water _ the only moving image _ a long static shot of one section of water_ flowers and foliage (all stills) _ the work is about the use of a simple moving image as a basso continuo to act as a ground and support for the static images that blend very slowly one to another on four different levels. The whole is very mesmeric _ a quality enhanced by the sound that is also layered _ water sounds on a layer of irish music blending with a layer of storytelling from Maura Logue with the highlight of Kitty Sean, a retired knittiing worker in Donegal singing an old work song.


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