A brief discussion of the origin and reasoning behind Socket.IO on PubNub. The original author of Socket.IO, Guillermo Rauch: CTO and co-founder of LearnBoost, created a Node.JS Model which was seriously focused on real-time communication. PubNub decided to simplify Socket.IO and make it even easier to build Real-time Apps by placing the Socket.IO API on top of the Massively Capable PubNub Multi-regional Super Cluster. This allows you (the engineer) to create applications that communicate much more quickly by taking advantage of commonly used design patterns inherent with real-time apps. These features include User Presence Notification Events, Channel Multiplexing, Standford AES Encryption and more.

Socket.IO on PubNub was inspired from teaming with Francois Laberge, founder and creator of Emotely (Acquired by BrassMonkey) Francois and Stephen teamed at the last Node.JS KO Conf at Joyent HQ to build a Node.JS Module called Multiplayer. NPM INSTALL MULTIPLAYER is available to Node.JS engineers.

Socket.IO on PubNub is better than Stock Socket.IO by providing simplifications and enhanced performance of the PubNub Cloud which transmits more messages daily than Twitter. At any given moment, 0.5-2 million people are connected to PubNub. PubNub's vision is to take humankind one step closer to the singularity.

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