Chicago Queer Performance Collective

ellie june navidson
QUEER, ILL, & OKAY a JRV MAJESTY Production for Poonie's Cabaret @ Links Hall

QUEER, ILL, & OKAY is an annual experimental performance series that creates brave new narratives, reimagines potential of queer community, and shatters stigma.

What does it look like to be queer and live with HIV, mental, or chronic illness today? How do we navigate relationships with family, friends, lovers, the world? What changes have occurred, are occurring now in treatment? How do we LIVE?

QUEER, ILL, & OKAY raises these powerful questions and more. Disclosure, safety, sex, beauty, love, resilience, work and werk, faith, fear, hope.

ellie june navidson is your everyday subversive tranny faggot. She is a blogger, poet, workshop facilitator, dressmaker, and all around crafty radical. Much of her work explores gender, normativity, radical visibility, and self-awareness. She works to incorporate vulnerability and non-violence into her life while striving for social justice. She's all about empowerment, brave honesty, and growth. She is perparing to release her fabulous new zine, Spider Teeth, that encapsulates all the complicated emotionality surrounding "The Surgery." Some essays and contact information can be found at her personal blog can be found at


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