Time Lapse

Had my buddies over last night, mainly to edit a music video, but when that was done I got an idea to shoot a manipulation containing me and my homies plus some frames.
I always tend to go back to these kinds of manips, I've made a lot of them the last few years. An example:

I got a lot of questions on how I made the photo above. And I thought, why not make a Time Lapse of how the work flow can look like when making these kinds of pictures. This project took like 3 hours from idea to finish.

Workflow for the Time Lapse: Shot with my 40D every second then uploaded it to Lightroom3 where I cropped them before exporting to Quicktime Player 7 where the Timpe Laps is being made. Finally I added the two Time Lapse movies to Final Cut Pro where I added the pics and music.

The pictures were uploaded via Bridge cs5 and then edited in photoshop cs5.


The result: callehoglund.se/tmp/manip_2.jpg


j vimeo.com/18584365

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