Graffiti and Street art

Schwarzmaler/15er's artwork was part of the exhibition Wallume I (Berne, Switzerland, 2009), organized by artacks.

Thanx to Manuel Uebersax for filming & cutting this stunning old school piece!

[Movie: Copyright by artacks / manuel uebersax]


About the exhibition:

On a constant quest for exhibition space artacks - a roaming urban art gallery - found a true jewel in the Swiss capital city of Berne. A huge disused supermarket based over two floors with empty walls galore. The perfect place for a project named Wallume I.

More than twenty individual artists and crews from all over Switzerland - Schwarzmaler, Blackyard, S-Y-L-G and Foederation to name a few, were invited along and given total artistic freedom over a six day period in December to use the space as they liked, the only condition being that all artwork must be created in black and white.

During the six days, the venue was open to the public allowing them to come and see the artists creating artwork first hand. This gave room for many unexpected but interesting encounters with people from the surrounding neighborhood – not an area known for their deep interest in urban art! The project resulted in a Saturday night finissage, where visitors were also given the chance to buy original “frottages” (a handmade print) of the art pieces they marveled at in the exhibition. Wallume I was a novelty for Berne and considered to be a great success by both the artists and the art lovers. The only thing sad is that it lasted for just 6 days – well, I guess that’s the fate of street art, isn’t it?


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