Wakeboarding Filmmakers

On September 14th Burnside Cable Park hosted their annual Railbattle. A custom built obstacle, kept secret to all the riders until the start of the event! Made possible by Liquid Force, GoPro, Jobe, Red Bull, Hyperlite and Slingshot. It was rainy, it was dark. It was raw power and full on shredding!

Cat. Men: 1. Dirk Gideonse, 2. Sjors v/d Kerkhof, 3. Daan Rigter
Cat Junior: 1. Simon Fakkert, 2. Age Methorst, 3. Andy van Bree
Check out the nice 'Good vibes aftermovie' Sam Golbach made while you're at it :) vimeo.com/74907744

j vimeo.com/74873913

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