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This young woman named Charlotte is not from Seattle; her, now dead, fiancé brought her here a year ago. She does not belong in the brothel, but life circumstances gave her no other option. She has known nothing but loss and hardship her entire life. With the expansion of the West, every one thought that coming here would absolve themselves of debt and sin, and in return this place will shower them with fortune. This, as we know, did not happen for many.

This brothel was the only hand that offered sustainability for Charlotte. A well-established enterprise that offer men of the West women for hire. This is her first week, the toughest, and many women tend not to survive the first month let alone the first week due to infection, trauma and the elements. The other women of this house all come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. There is a sense of sisterhood with similar histories and hardship. One of the older harlots, Ruby, is Charlotte's only form of foundation and one who has taken Charlotte under her wing as any mother would. This is where we lay our scene.

Producer-Director: Andrew McIntyre
AD-DP-Editor: Alisa Dickinson
Grip-Gaff: Neil O'Brien
Camera B: Kevin Charboneau
Makeup: Chandra Chenvert
Wardrobe: Aidin Vitti
A. Wardrobe: Jean Fioca

Behind the Scenes:


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