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Freedom Firm India Tour November 9-19, 2012.

A film by Ben Stamper
Music by Aradhna

"Ultimate Reality"
We greet you
In you the whole Universe is held together
Your life fills every nucleus that has ever been created
You dwell in our flesh and bones...

The diya, or Indian oil lamp, a symbol of worship,
is floated on the Ganges river early in the morning.
The vastness and power of the swollen river
is a reflection of God who created it.

Not far from this tranquil scene,
just up from the river's edge,
there is a deep well called the Lolark Kund
whose stone steps form the shape of a cross.
It remains closed, except for one day in the year.

On this day, thousands of married couples
in their last hope to be granted a child by God,
descend the steps together
break their glass wedding bangles,
throw off all visible signs of their marriage,
and plunge five times into the claustrophobic waters.
They emerge and remove the drenched and cursed clothing,
changing into new clothes and climbing the steps with renewed hope.

This is worship.
To be content, but to also weep with longing.

God embraces us in either case

Film © 2010Cines&Wonders/2011BenStamperPictures
Music © 2010 AradhnaMusic


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