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Original swearing version from "Happy * Birthday" by Marty McVeigh (Polite remix) and video by Hamish Darby with many thanks to OPEN CLIPART for the birthday paraphenalia. This downloadable song is no-cost and royalty free according to the license. I have nothing to sell other than a world view in which sharing is allowed.

To understand the significance of a good creative commons licensed birthday tune, see or . Replace the old copyright birthday song with great commons like this playground taunt!

LYRICS (clean version)
with your family and friends at a restaurant
at the end of the meal is just what you don't want
waiters gather around you, no, can't get away
as their voices in union sing out happy happy birthday

"let me buy you a drink" happens all night long
now you're totally hammered but your stomach ain't strong
to the porcelain god you crawl to kneel and pray
with a liquid laugh he says happy happy birthday

it's another year gone and you're home alone
got no friends by your side noone calls on the phone
so you drift to a lounge one year older today
give a toast to yourself and say happy happy birthday

yes it's been a rough year had to get a new hip
lost a couple more teeth and your heart tends to skip
Medicaid's cutting back health is slipping away
and the world it whispers happy happy birthday


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