A great topic and a reoccurring question we get from DSLR video newcomers - Why would I need a mattebox?

CORRECTION* - At 1:41 in the video Luke puts in an ND 9 and says it gives him more depth of field, when he actually meant 'shallower depth of field'

It all boils down to control - control over your image by manipulating the light coming into the lens. Now, we're certainly not the first to write on the subject but what we've collected here is a sample platter of video and stills to show images with and without control methods the Mattebox provides. Naturally, we're using our Titan Swing Away Mattebox and our DSLR Core Package in the video. And, free hugs to anyone who catches our attempt to reference (parody?) a recent car film...

I didn't talk specifically to the filters, so to clarify, we used the following in the video; Tiffen Ultra Linear 4x4 Polarizer, Tiffen Clear/ND.6 Soft Edge 4x4 Gradient, and Tiffen ND.9 Neutral Density 4x4.

To read the full blog post (with side-by-side stills) and more detailed breakdown, check out


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