Non-Profit Organizations

Learn why Annie Swanson has decided to engage in issues of peace and justice overseas.

Activists and activism allows for many definitions and sometimes much controversy. One person's 'freedom fighter' may be another's enemy. For Bridging the Divide, activism is defined somewhat narrowly. It means those citizens and citizen organizations who struggle for 'inclusive and participatory' as pertains to those decisions which affect their lives. Most often, it is represented by the fight for governments which are 'fair and pluralistic' and markets which are open. For Bridging the Divide, it also means the exclusion of violence as a means to an end and compliance with the current laws and regulations which govern our status as a 501c3 charity in the United States.

Now, in 2011, as the Middle East moves toward renaissance and America seeks to redefine its role as hegemon in the 21st century, we have sought to identify citizen organizations which are passionate about their causes and which are transparent in the way they do their work. Over the next several months, we will expand their number significantly to include activists from other countries and from the United States. For those organizations which you find on our pages, Bridging the Divide serves to promote them and their efforts and to link them to counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic.

It is our belief that once connected, the American and Middle Eastern activists will share resources and advocacy in their common cause without intermediaries. The technology allows it; the times demand it.


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