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I created this video for Shanice Rice. She is planning on taking the plunge and is moving from the small town Edwardsville, IL to California. Help her dreams come true and share this video! Help a well-deserving woman do what this world wants her to do!

You can make donations at:

Read her personal message below!

Hello all! as most of you know, May 29th i start my journey to CALIFORNIA to carry out all of my dreams with the talent God has blessed me with. I've worked hard over the year to reach my goal, as well as pray harder than ever while putting my faith into action.
For years, i have struggled to pay off my student loan, and get back into school to further my education in chemistry. with in the last six months and saving everything I had, I was able to not only pay my school debt completely off, but also regain my transcripts so that i am able to begin UCLA in the fall. (praise break)
I will begin in Cali by going to two of the biggest modeling open calls my career has ever laid eyes on. S,o while pushing my financial goals, I have also worked hard on my health and staying a healthy model. With my move only one month away, I will continue to not only work save work, but keep my prayers strong.
I am 1500.00 away from my set goal I begin saving towards a year ago. I am blessed to have such great and abundant support from everyone that I encounter. I will do nothing but make each of you proud and continue to humbly work. thank you to anyone helping me carry out my dreams, I am forever humbled and blessed to have such a grand support system.


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