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Panasonic GH4 Series Part 5 Custom Buttons & Menu

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Update Aug 26 2014:
Dave Baldwin left a great tip in the comments so I changed a few things from this video.
I now set my GH4 up to have the Touch Tab come up in conjunction with my Touch Screen On an Off assigned to my Fn4 button. Now I can get to the histogram and other settings quickly.

D. Robertson has a great tip as well: I set my shutter angle to 180 degrees. Then I can jump into Variable Frame Rate or any frame rate and the shutter is set.

Usually doing a video about the menu would be one of the first videos I would do in a camera series but I wanted to get the more important stuff out of the way to see if I was going to keep the GH4 before I had to return it. In this video im just showing you how I set my GH4 up, in no way is this the best for everyone. The custom buttons are one of the highlights of using the Gh4, it makes filming fun and much faster to get the shot correctly. In the intro I filmed myself with my new Photo style settings and really pushed the colors to see how they would look. I like the look and the codec held up except my left shoulder has some glow. I never seen this before. Perhaps the light was to bright or it was some color grading settings that made this glow show up. Not sure but overall I like what I see.

Intro filmed on the Panasonic GH4 with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens

Photo Style:
Contrast: -5
Sharpen: -5
NR: 0
Saturation: -3
Hue: 0

Rest filmed on iPhone 4s


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