EOS 1DC Filmmakers

See more information on our Canon 1DC tests here - hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2012/09/canon-1dc-camera-tests-from-the-ticket/

We wanted to see exactly how far we could push our new 1DC with the new Canon Cinema EOS 24mm prime -- to see how it would capture the outside and inside world of a small Prius taxi cab. We hailed a Prius cab on our night test shoot, set up the Kessler Cine Slider in the trunk, and lined up the shot to make sure we had the camera high enough to see as much out of the window as possible. We used a SmallHD DP-4 monitor to operate with and gauge my exposure while we were driving down the roads. The only light I used was a small Rosco LitePad, which the model actually held in her hands to edge light her chin and to side light our male model in the back seat. The outside world light was all there for the taking at 1250, 2000 ISO. The active light just danced beautifully through the car’s interior. Here are those tests.

j vimeo.com/48976402

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