EOS 1DC Filmmakers

This video is from a series of 1DC camera tests I conducted. You can read my full write up of the 1DC on the WonderBlog here: andrewwonder.com/1dctests


While I still had daylight I wanted to see how the camera handled a high key situation. We let the setting sun key Nora De vimeo.com/norade while we see it’s reflection on the wall behind her.

In this situation we see more pleasant colors and tones from the 4K footage. We also see an increase in dynamic range on her face compared to the HD modes. For the first time since shooting Benjamin on my wall, the 4K provides more emotionally engaging image.

This was some of the first log footage I started processing and once I looked at the results I sent a blast out to Andrew Reid, Philip Bloom and James Miller trying to figure out what I did wrong. The compression and banding on the shadowed areas of Nora De’s face as completely unacceptable to me. As I dug more and more through my footage (whether I viewed transcodes, raw off the card or watched the footage in a different program) I saw the same issues over and over. It really breaks my heart to see one of the cameras key selling points selling the camera.

You can view the Profile Comparison of this test here: vimeo.com/58682253

You can download the Prores HQ version of this test here: dropbox.com/s/vg75y0somtt9z1s/05A_HIGH%20KEY%20SUNSET_Full.mov

You can download an uncompressed Portrait and Log 4K clip from this test here: dropbox.com/s/jes6fyyufmgdyws/005_HIGH%20KEY%20SUNSET_4K.mov

j vimeo.com/58682317

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