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"I Dream A World"
DSF featuring Nancy Papakonstantinou


All the proceeds from the sale of the song will go solely to the Pan Hellenic parents association of children with cancer.

ΦΛΟΓΑ 2014

A child's simple way is enough to bring it all around, a glint of hope, a smile, a hug, to turn an otherwise frown upside-down.
Four people down on their luck, a stray dog, a homeless soul, a blind young lady, and . . . a older gentleman who finds himself caught up in the whirlwind of the everyday, too preoccupied with all that doesn't matter too see the treasures in the everyday that he comes across throughout his day.
And a boy, that brings it all together, a young soul not corrupted by all that buys and sells dreams for change. A boy who with his simplicity, brings out the light into an otherwise cloudy dispositioned old man.
And if you wonder where the flame is, where the light of hope lingers in the world, it's no further that our youth, it's no further than in your everyday line of sight.

Players (actors/actresses):
Tasos Halkias
Aristos Toumpouros
Loukas Economou
Carlos "Carlitto"
Gianna Siargkou

Special Appearances by:
Katerina Stikoudi
Melina Aslanidou
Savvas Poumbouras
Maria Papagrigoreiou
Katerina Gouma
Rallia Xristidou
John DSF Paschalis

Character design & make up by Lia Apostolopoulou
KineIconography & camera by Thomas Mihailos
Hand stitched & tailor made by Abella Lane
Directed by life and it's soul-self . . .

dedicated to all the children with cancer, those forever brave 'eternal warriors'

j vimeo.com/86184223

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