2nd Annual Bicycle Travel Video Contest

In a nutshell, a fleche is a 24 hour team ride. Each team, consisting of 3-5 bikes, starts at a different location and rides to one location following a different route. The rules require the teams to ride almost non-stop and without sleep for 24 hours. A fleche has a minimum distance of 360 kilometers - 223 miles.

Our team is Les Escargot Volants - the flying snails. After a breakfast of waffles and eggs, the four of us began the ride in the cool morning temperatures of an early April day.

From the silos in the farmlands of Pennsylvania, we ride past the skyscrapers of Philadelphia, through challenged Camden, into the small towns of New Jersey. Our course is 234 miles. This video, shot entirely with one Point and shoot digital camera, is from that ride.

j vimeo.com/99417815

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