One man finds the meaning of his life, at the Source of the Nile.

Filmed with:
Canon XLH1 & Nanoflash
Canon T3i with vintage Nikkor lenses
GoPro HD Hero

Rode Mic, Blimp & Boom
Zoom H2N

Edited with:

Filmed in and around the Source of the NIle River in Uganda over the course of 3 days, June 2012. Including:
Bujagali Falls
Itanda Falls
"Super Hole" Rapid

Simon Wood - Director, 'A' Camera, Editor
Ali Musoke - 'B' Camera
Shantos Ssekito - Audio & Boom
Music: VideoBlocks

Emmanuel Mwesiigwe
John Ssjabi

Emmanuel Mwesiigwe

"This is my home.
My family has lived here forever.
My father was a fisherman, and his father before him.
My family was not wealthy, but we had what we needed.
When the rafters came, I learnt how to kayak.
Now I am making my living on the river.
So the river still provides.
This is the source of the Nile.
From here it runs all the way to the sea.
To the pyramids.
The source of life.
A force of nature.
Terrible and beautiful.
Endless and timeless.
Nothing can stop it.
When the try to dam it, new rapids rise up.
So I ride the rapids, I ride the source.
The river leads me on.
I don't know where it takes me, but I know I'll reach it there, someday.
When I'm running the river I'm equal to any man.
Even though I know I'm not rich, but I know I'm alive"


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