Short documentary of exhibiition "the Surreal Congo"; contemporary art in museum MKK in Dortmund, Germany. English version; original french spoken video also on this Vimeo channel.
My impression shows the art works and interviews with Aimé Mpane, the Congolese curator, and some of the participating artists, as well as talks we had in the museumcafe about Congo.

Three days before the opening I got the invitationmail by the curator. He agreed upon my proposal to film, as did the museum. So I went to Germany. This was a 'run and gun' shooting, completely improvising, an intuitive way of filming. No script, no storyboards. When the curator shows the ambassador around, the sound is rather bad... No time for lavalier mics (if I had any..) In fact I tried to make myself invisible, not too difficult with only my little Canon XF100. This is a one person doc without any budget. Maybe I should say a two person doc; without Reinier as the-man-of-contacts you wouldn't have seen this informal ambiance. We had a great time!!


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