This was going to be called, "The Adventures of Pete and Pete...and Larry and Bill" but it seemed a little long. Plus, did anyone else watch The Adventures of Pete and Pete? I watched the hell out of it because I'm old and Iggy Pop was the ice cream man.

But yeah, epic day. Tons of random Chicago suburb spots. We even skated from spot to spot. That's not cinematic trickery, although some if it is(I'm not saying which parts). Even better, we had a broken Pete Clodfelter come out. Even with a fully cast arm, the dude shreds. Bill and Larry got down too.

Bill helped shoot some of this.
Shot on a GoPro Hero3 Black edition
Timelapse shot on a GoPro HD Hero

"Um Like Your Smile Is Totally Ruling Me"

Handsome Furs
"Radio Kalininbrad"


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