99frames 2012

My entry to the 99 Frames Social Animation Project.

Learn more here: 99frames.tumblr.com/

Big thanks to Wes for the audio: sono-sanctus.com/ || vimeo.com/sonosanctus

This project uses R14's new features in a few ways. I used some SSS updates, some Sculpting to drive the rainbows position, and other productivity workflows introduced such as Xpresso updates. Those were huge time savers.

The project has 2.5 million particles, about 1 million stars, 1 very happy alien and a very prominent unicorn constellation. You can all thank Charles Rowland (vimeo.com/user3585231) for the unicorn idea.

Compression was not so nice in this scenario.

j vimeo.com/58652422

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