99frames 2012

This is my entry to the 99 Frames Social Animation Project
Animation: Handel Eugene
Audio: Joseph Liptock

This was a very good learning experience for me on this project, I had a lot of fun (especially working late nights the last week to get this done on time). Things I learned on this project/used for the first time were depth pass to control my DOF, this was my first large scale scene, it got pretty heavy at times so placing things into layers & using the plug in "magic solo" allowed me to solo only the things I was working on at the time. I used a normal map & spec map for the first time, defiantly won't be the last. This probably was my best comp work thus far, I separated everything & had a ton of object buffers & locators to allow me to have final control of the way it looked in post.

Directors cut will be released soon.
More can be found on my site:handeleugene.com/Vint-Room

j vimeo.com/58669704

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