Cool Short Films

This project started when I heard Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Scheherazade' on the radio while stuck in Los Angeles traffic. Soviet/Eastern Block style places, and obsessive/desperate characters were on my mind at the time. Hearing that ridiculously beautiful and expressionistic music, inspired me to glue it all together on 35mm film.

I can't wait to shoot on 35mm again someday. By 'skip-bleaching' the negative, there's undeniable richness in the contrast and grain. I'm proud to say 'The Green Sheik' successfully entertained audiences and won many awards at film festivals nationwide. I learned so much making this film, It was kind of like going to grad school.

Slightly narcoleptic Lawrence (Johannes Gamble) is a down and out junk shop worker in an unnamed industrial wasteland. Shy, timid, and looking for a way out of his hum-drum life, Larry happens upon an old rusty motor-scooter which sends him on a short lived but life changing journey.

Best Short: SlamDunk at The Sundance Film Festival
Audience Favorite: Corvallis International Film Festival
The San Francisco International, The New Orleans Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, The Austin Film Festival,
and many more...


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