Cool Short Films

// Short film commissioned and broadcast as part of Channel 4's Random Acts series (25/9/2013)

// Directed by Spike Morris & Oscar Hudson
// &
// A Bad film -

'An ominous fox hunting party slowly disintegrates before our eyes as they give chase to an unlikely victim. What remains of 'the hunt' after all its defining symbols have fallen away?'

Soundtrack: 'Tally Ho' composed by Cosmo Sheldrake /


Female Lead: Nicole O'Neill

Male Lead: Carl Wharton



Director, Editor / Oscar Hudson

Director, DP, Editor / Spike Morris

Producer, AD / Aaron Z Willson /
Styling / Melissa Giles /

Makeup / Christie Hayes /

Camera Assist / Ryan Parkins /
2nd AC / Ruben Woodin Dechamps /
Gaffer / Paul Mckenna /
Aerial Cam / Daniel Laviada
Production Assistant / Holly Simmons Betts

Horsemaster / Feth Greenwood
Horses provided by the Stampede Stunt Company


The Joint Masters of the West Norfolk Foxhound Association
Movietech Rentals
Ronan Willson
ELP Film & TV Lighting /


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