Bloom 'Tache Movember 2012

A story about a man with an extraordinary power. But when his nemesis reveals himself things get a little hairy.

Originally for Movember and awareness for Prostate Cancer.

Written by: Matthew Van Vorst and Alex Zingaro
Music Composed by: Grady Christopher
Song by: The Seatbelts, "Tank"
Sound: Tim Giles

Credited Cast: in order of appearance.
Mustached Woman: Shannon Kendall
Thief: Alex Zingaro
Mustachio: Matt Van Vorst
The Barber: Tim Giles
Henchman 1: Brandon Pro
Henchman 2: Meg Baessler
Woman in the street: Aubrey Baumgartner

Directed by: Alex Zingaro


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