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- video installation piece created with thermal imaging camera

by Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas

SPECTRUM is an immersive video installation that explores the unseen connections between energy circulations.

The existence of energy is often not visible, what if we could see this energy?

Revealing the energy of city life, the transformation of energy accumulated in nature as well as the energy usage of electronic machines?

Could we improve energy usage if we had a better understanding of energy waste points?

Using a thermal imaging camera, the artist will investigate the energy of Newcastle University activities. Filming different parts of university life, exploring thermal imagery of buildings and energy emitted by walls, glass, wood, electronic equipment, exploring energetic differences and connections between different types of materials, machines and human bodies.

SPECTRUM will expose the public to the world of temperatures and relationships between architecture and nature. With Spectrum, Aleksandrowicz and Wojtas uncover the hidden world of energy processes and structures in everyday life.

SPECTRUM conveys the remarkable transformation of energies at Newcastle University's site in processes that are visible through range of colours. Various colour modes are representing temperature differences - warm, cold areas. Through an incredibly vibrant colour range the piece brings up unique cinematic qualities. The artists have gathered footage from different locations, including; Newcastle University Campus, Kings Gate Building, Students Union, Culture Lab, as well as footage from Whitley Bay - Hockey Match of Newcastle Sports Team.

SPECTRUM project was created with support of Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability and Culture Lab, University of Newcastle. The project was commissioned by the Coherent Campus Art Working Group, chaired by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, and is part of a programme of art on campus whereby works of art are displayed around the campus through the Newcastle University Coherent Campus art initiative which aims to enliven the cultural environment on campus.

SPECTRUM Projection at Kings Gate building : Dec 16th 2011 - January 9th, 2012


Special Thanks to Mohammad Royapoor for help and support /


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