Short Films

We didn't know what was going to happened. Going to the Armory we knew that Christine Hills', The Armory Apothecary was something that we were interested in investigating. It seemed like first, it was different from everything else that was happening and there is only so much you can say about wall art or sculpture or captured moments of a performance or installation. Christine Hill was actually working at the Armory show. She was providing a service (a much needed service) and making a statement. We also wanted to put LuLu through an experience rather than discuss experiences and art at large.

Besides all these factors there was a predominant cloud of synchronicity hanging over our souls. We (Panman ) had recently acquired a retail space on Lexington ave. After considering all possible options we ourselves had decided to provide what we called "retail therapy".

Seeing that someone had accessed the same ideas and plucked them from the ether, made our investigation that much more prominent and personal.

The last and most obvious layer of this chapter of 'On Assignment', is that LuLu herself is an artist. Like so many artist it is not her primary occupation. Unbenounced to Marlo, LuLu treated the entire meeting as an opportunity to create some kind of oblique strategy to make art her number one occupation with the help of Christine Hill and her Apothecary. Her progress as an artists will reflect the success of Christine Hill's artistic statement and service.

Special thanks to Martina Batan of the Ronald Feldman Gallery and Christopher for offering their incites.

to view LuLu's work visit:


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