Short Films

***A short documentary for wanderers, learners, brothers, aliens, and well wishers

I made this with my friend Francisco Javier Benavides. After attending elementary and middle school together, our lives took different and separate paths. Francisco’s took him to places far and wide, where he pursued his love for the arts in both formal and informal settings. After almost a decade, our paths crossed again by chance and shortly afterwards, we created this film.

The entire process was one that I can only describe as organic, due to the nature of our discussions prior to shooting. The narrative formed slowly, driven entirely by his answers to my sometimes long-winded questions. The script was loose and malleable, the post process long and enlightening.

More often than not, I willingly wore the shoes of the viewer, and sat in his or her chair. Throughout the whole process, I kept trying to find different ways of telling the viewer one thing:

"These thoughts, these ideas… they are one man’s perspective. But you can adopt them to be yours too, if you wish them to be."



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