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Winner of the A-can-of-fancyfeast Award "The Oscar!", Golden Foodbowl, and the Purr d'Catdoor at the Cannes-opener Film Fest for Romance in an inter-species tail!

The unbiased reviews are IN!

"It's the BEST romance I have ever seen, ever, EVER!" Oscar's Momma

"My eye allergies kept me from seeing the whole thing clearly. Those weren't tears. I swear." Oscar's Poppa

"Neadz moar doggiez!" Tiki

"Neadz moar catz!" Booda

"Waht NO BURDZ?" Mr B

"I thot i haz da LEED! Callz mah agentz!" LoLo

"I didn't SWAT once!" Schoally

"Film Stills!"

Thank you Freesound Artist ZantZant

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"I Feel Sorry For Handicapped Dogs"


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