From our indiegogo page:

Dustin McLean and I were roommates throughout college. I studied math and philosophy. He studied film. Now, depending on your view of these subjects, you may or may not see how our paths combined. For us it was clear relatively quickly.

Our entire adult life has been spent in pursuit of the aesthetic, trying to make sense of the connections we've formed, and how we relate to the world around us.

This is our goal: to make entertaining movies of substance and meaning.

In the past we have explored short film. To see our most recent project you can visit: vimeo.com/11096275

That film, Adriana, was shot in about three days with a combined cast and crew of not more than ten people and severely limited budget. (Dustin felt that we needed more names in the credits, so the other names are combinations of actors, directors, and our character names that had no part in production; e.i. Mel Luhrman = Mel Gibson + Baz Luhrmann.) Other short films on vimeo such as Lost at Land and Do Us Part were projects from the film program at Taylor University. From Lost at Land (earliest) to Adriana (latest) you notice a marked improvement of quality.

On to our next task: Making a feature film

Dustin's time at FSU has been spent increasing his knowledge of production and developing connections with a skilled group of filmmakers. As a producer, I am responsible for the detailed aspects of planning, as well as the day to day operations involved in making a film. In order for our project to be successful we are looking to raise at least $30,000.

As you know, the film will be called The Sainthood of Bethany Wolfe. It's about a girl who was told as a child that she would grow up to be a saint. Instead, she pursues a life as a contract killer. Like we said, the best description for the film would be combination of Serendipity and Collateral.

The money will be going to hiring cast and crew, feeding the cast and crew, locations, props, etc. If you watched Adriana you will notice the main actors are myself and Dustin, four of the five Germans are the same person, and our crew was a very dedicated handful of people. But time is money, and it is difficult to take the time necessary to make a quality movie without the appropriate funding.

The ideal scenario: a lot of people give a little money. (*Note the incentives for donating on the right side of the screen.) This method of funding has worked for filmmakers like Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan), Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and Sam Raimi (Spiderman).

Please spread the word. We appreciate your time and consideration.

Phil Burnier

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